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1 was created over a 4 day period for a mini jam that was created in the Flowlab Forums called the "Minimalistic Mini Competition". I do consider the game as a "Demo" (so I updated the game title), but also as a proof of concept.

Flowlab.io is a 2D game engine that I use to create my games. It's free to sign up and with all the tools the engine offers. The only restriction free user's have are that they can only create 3 games with each of a limit of 50 game objects, 5 levels, and no access to beta tools. This Jam was made with this purpose in mind (but with more restrictions), so that any account (free or paid) could participate equally.

My idea was to make a full game level made with only 1 object, as in to program only 1 object and place it throughout the level to become the player, enemies, projectiles, camera, gates, particle affects, and collectibles. I also wanted to make the game challenging but also fun for everyone. And while also looking basic as "minimal" can be, so I also made 1 tone color scheme to fit.

The game is editable on Flowlab with the link below:


My idea of posting it in Itch.io is to see if anyone else had tried to make a game from programming only 1 object. I know its not logical or reasonable, but it makes a fun challenge. I technically used 2 objects because the game would lag if all the walls were also this object. So I programmed the player part to not pass specific areas on the map, and then to make background block to show where the walls are. Never the less, let me know your thoughts on this or if you also made a game from 1 programmed object for the heck of it.

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