• WASD to move
  • Press 1 on the number-pad to restart
  • Press 1 on the top row for Full-Screen
  • Take out Wizards by running into them!
  • Collect Keys to open the gates!

A good Internet connection is required to load the game.

A decent Gaming computer "may" be required for no lag.

Music by Eric Matyas called "Arcade Puzzler" at soundimage.org

1 was created over a 4 day period for a mini jam called the "Minimalistic Mini Competition". The game consider as a Demo and as a proof of concept. This game was inspired by the Atari game called "Adventure".

My idea was to make a full game level made with only 1 object, as in I programmed only 1 object and place it throughout the level to become the player, enemies, projectiles, camera, gates, particle effects, and collectibles. And to fit the theme, I used a single color scheme.

The code can be viewable with the link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1405051

My idea of posting it in Itch.io is to see if anyone else had tried to make a game from programming only 1 object. I know it's not logical or reasonable, but it makes a fun challenge. 

I technically used 2 objects because the game would lag if all the walls were also the player object, so I programmed walls of the map, and then made background blocks to show where the walls are. Let me know your thoughts on this or if you also made a game from 1 programmed object for the heck of it.

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