WASD - Move

Shift - Focus

Change different control options in the settings.

Power Levels (PL) are gained by collecting P. Each PL will add to your attack. After 3 PLs, your attack type will change. Getting hurt will lower your PL by 1. There are 3 attack types as you gain PL: Blaster, Piercing, and Laser.


The Galatic Federation have been advancing through the Lylat System. 

As Galactica, the secret-ops space infiltration unit, you must infiltrate the espar system and take out the league of command. But first you must past the Imperial Guard to access the warp-gate. 

Good luck pilot, this may be the last time we will be able to turn the tables for this war.


Inspired by games like Galaga, R-Type, Touhou, and Star Fox.

Made for Winter Flowjam 2022

Space background is from  https://vectorpixelstar.itch.io/space

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